Best Practices Leadership Council Webinar Series

Keeping up with regulatory issues and news related to the ever-changing financial services industry, with insight into the commercial lending markets, AFS continues to produce thought-provoking Webinars to help banks stay in the know and be competitive.

How to Win the Real-Time Race

April 9, 2015 at 1 PM - 2 PM

The new reality of banking demands faster response times, and that is increasingly requiring anytime, anywhere access to bank systems for employees to better serve existing, and secure new, clients.  Banks are asking, “How can we take advantage of real-time data to drive the business?” AFS has the answer.

Combine Real-Time Processing and the Freedom and Speed of Anytime, Anywhere Access with AFS

Join AFS on Thursday, April 9 for the AFS Webinar “How to Win the Real-Time Race” to see the wide array of possibilities available to drive the business in the this arena.  AFS can help you speed up your credit delivery model by providing:

  • Real-time,  straight-through processing with the AFS industry-leading lending platform, AFSVision Anytime, anywhere secure access to vital information needed to make critical decisions
  • The means to safely adopt “bring-your-own-device” policies, to remain viable and competitive in today’s market
  • The means adapt to the next competitive “must have” with an AFS solution designed to keep up with technology’s ever-evolving opportunities

Flexibility for the Future, at Your Fingertips TODAY

Competing to win means combining all the benefits of a stable, industry-leading platform with the latest cutting-edge capabilities. Banks must be ready to adopt new technology trends or risk being left behind. AFS can help you keep pace with the rapid changes in the device landscape and explore how to embrace solutions designed to give you the competitive advantage in the high-stakes world of commercial lending. AFS can help you win the "Real-Time Race."

April 9, 1 PM

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Featured Speakers

John Shain

John Shain is president of Automated Financial Systems, Inc. (AFS). Under his direction, the Company has leveraged its dominant domestic market position to expand its presence to Europe, opening a subsidiary company in Vienna, Austria, and introducing the industry’s only real-time, straight-through lending process to manage complex cross-border lending products and relationships— AFSVision®.

Mr. Shain has over 35 years of experience in the financial services industry. He is a contributing author of articles to various banking and management publications and is a frequent speaker on the subjects of commercial banking and the coordination of risk, pricing and the delivery components of the credit delivery process.