Best Practices Leadership Council Webinar Series

Keeping up with regulatory issues and news related to the ever-changing financial services industry, with insight into the commercial lending markets, AFS continues to produce thought-provoking Webinars to help banks stay in the know and be competitive.

Commercial Lending Dynamics:  Winners and Losers Webinar

October 30, 2014 at 1PM EDT

This AFS Webinar will focus on the winners and losers in the U.S. Commercial Market space. We will look at a cross section of attributes: New versus Renewed loans, size, geography and industry. This session will focus on identifying the winning and losing states in terms of growth as well as specific industries.

Taking this winning and losing theme to the next step, we will examine which industries are better targets for margin versus those with higher risk and/or lower margin?  A new section has been added for fees isolating those industries and areas where higher fee strategies are prevalent versus lower fee penetration.

With rates falling again this month, we will be looking at past vintages where correlations might exist to project future implications of the current market. We will also be soliciting thoughts and comments on these implications planning for the next wave of market activity.