Designed for the demands of worldwide lending.

AFS has revolutionized lending systems with its global 4th generation solution, AFSVision®. AFS provides the only straight-through, real-time credit lifecycle model designed to address the widest array of lines of business through all stages of work, from origination to booking to servicing to reporting.

Designed for the demands of worldwide lending, AFSVision enables:

  • Real-time, 24/7 processing of numerous lines of business on ONE system
  • Servicing for loans, credit facilities, collateral, and servicing on ONE, integrated system
  • Support for all aspects of multicurrency lending, including commitments, loans, fees, collateral, and guarantees
  • Multilingual screens, reports, billing, and notifications
  • IFRS capabilities

AFSVision is an enterprise-wide approach to lending. Its functionality brings cost containment, risk mitigation, revenue generation, data quality improvements, and a secure method of responding to regulatory concerns. The advantages will benefit your front-, middle-, and back-office users.

The clarity and control that only AFSVision supplies can transform your operations regarding the following areas:


AFSVision WorkflowGo

The AFS approach to workflow combines your way of approving credits with AFS’ ongoing exposure and interaction with best practices.

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The AFSVision loan accounting capabilities provide real-time processing for global portfolios, in multiple currencies and languages.

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AFSXpress Servicing functionality provides real-time, browser-based access to customer loan information.

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Reports from AFSVision provides views of performance and trends that improves your decision making.

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Focus On: IFRS 9

Measure, Track, and Automate Your Credit Data Quality
Information for Your Entire Balance Sheet

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AFSVision for Global Lending

Designed for the demands of world-wide lending, AFSVision has revolutionized lending systems with the only straight-through process system available.

AFSVision brochure

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AFSVision technical brochure 

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