Drive down your overhead while reducing risk.

AFS Level III's core loan accounting functionality accommodates a diverse portfolio. It processes credit instruments (loans, credit facilities, etc.) on a single platform, making information available to control the risks inherent in pricing, funding, collateral values and margining, covenants, guarantors, and counterparties. 

AFS Level III™ brings the following benefits: 

  • Allows you to leverage investments in core processing by using ONE system for multiple asset types 
  • Reduces costs by eliminating specialty lending systems (i.e., those for SBA, ABL, CRE, etc.) and the overhead and support associated with them
  • Enables you to better manage risk and monitor total customer exposure by being a single accounting system for the widest array of loan types
  • Ensures compliance with the Basel Accords through the use of data fields and other feature enhancements
  • Is scalable and flexible to enable future client growth and expansion in both markets and products 

AFS Level III, Release 8.4

AFS Level III, Release 8.4 is the Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review (CCAR) version of our loan accounting system, which now incorporates new fields to help banks capture required wholesale data elements listed in the CCAR FR Y-14Q schedules.

This release helps banks provide the accurate data needed to complete the Fed schedules. In addition to addressing CCAR needs, there are also over 200 new features and product enhancements, allowing banks to improve data quality, comply with regulatory requirements, better manage risk, increase revenue, and enhance customer service.
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The AFS Level III Loan Accounting System underpins your risk-management efforts by providing unique and superior data capture and retention capabilities to feed information reporting. 

To find out the extent to which AFS Level III can benefit your lending operation—including quantification of risk avoidance, revenue generation, and cost cutting— contact AFS today.

AFS Level III, Release 8.4

Through an integrated, straight-through process AFS Level III, Release 8.4 ensures that proper data is captured, stored and validated--all on a single system.

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CCAR Benchmarking &
Data Quality Program 

Leveraging peer information for better capital planning and stronger reporting

Key components of the CCAR program:

  • CCAR Data Quality Working Group
  • CCAR Benchmarking Service
  • RMA Leadership
  • AFS Market Leadership 

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