We strive to do the right thing

Our Mission and Values

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide software and service solutions to transform commercial lending for our clients. This mission is supplemented equally by our commitment to the professional development of our employees, furthering DEI and ESG principles, and supporting the communities in which we operate.

Our Values

AFS is the market leader in providing transformational commercial lending solutions for the banking industry.

We have the best people, applications, and processes to assist and provide each client with extraordinary service, delivered with the utmost integrity and professionalism.

We earn our reputation one relationship at a time. Our values have made us great and we will preserve and build upon these values to constantly improve and better serve one another and our clients.

AFS Mission and Values

our core values

Do the Right Thing.

At AFS, we will always strive to do things right. We also know that we are human and we will make mistakes. Therefore, our mission is to do the right thing: act with integrity, take responsibility for our actions, fix mistakes, and learn from experience.

Our Core Values

Provide Extraordinary Service.

We will always aim to exceed our clients' expectations and provide exceptional customer service. Execution and outstanding customer service differentiate us from the competition.

Our Core values

Take Responsibility.

It’s not enough to do our own jobs well. It is everyone's duty to ensure that our clients and coworkers are satisfied. So if something has to be fixed, we step up to fix it and make it right.

our core values

Think Positively.

We work in an environment of trust that values openness and flexibility. We hire positive people who act positively. Our goal is to “manage toward yes.”

our core values

Take Action.

There are two types of organizations: those that spend time checking and those that spend time doing. Yes we do! We value action and decisiveness and recognize that the best opportunities come to those that act quickly. We do not need perfect information to act; we only need the best available information.

our core values

Respect the Team and its Diversity.

Everyone at AFS makes a difference and everyone at AFS deserves to feel that his or her contribution is valued. We are proud of our diverse and inclusive workforce, and believe it gives us a competitive advantage. Because we realize that the power of many is greater than the power of one, we place a high importance on collaboration.

our core values

Grow and Contribute.

Since our inception, we’ve continued to evolve our business purpose and our solutions for our clients. At AFS, we will always embrace change and every individual has the opportunity to develop and contribute. We want our people to reach new heights.

our core values

Have Fun.

We know that if everyone enjoys what they are doing, they’ll do a better job - and our clients will notice. It’s really that simple. This extends to our support of the communities in which we do business.

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