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Our ESG Commitment

AFS Commitment to ESG

Our ESG Commitment

AFS has always been about innovation—fostering change for improvement from “the way things have always been.” This commitment to creating a better way expands beyond our solutions to include real-world actions to improve the sustainability of the environment, ensure social integrity, and advance inclusion and diversity. Internally and externally, here is how AFS puts our commitment to ESG goals into action.



  • Reduced Scope 1 (gas) emissions 34% from 2019 baseline
  • Reduced Scope 2 (electric) emissions 22.6% from 2019 baseline
  • Reduced water usage 73% from 2019 baseline
  • Outlined long-term infrastructure roadmap to reduce environmental impact of AFS operations
  • Implemented datacenter reduction to optimize energy consumption
  • Prioritizing maintenance and repairs over replacement hardware to minimize e-waste generation
  • Ongoing assessment of current environmental impact, including key vendors
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  • Appointed a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Officer and created a DEI committee to continue to celebrate cultural diversity and recognition
  • Frequent and energetic participation in various charitable events and organizations, contributing a total of $215,000 over five years
  • Investing in talent and developing skills for the future by offering a great employee experience
  • Championing our belief and ongoing adherence to a core set of AFS values
  • Maintaining a major focus on employee health and wellbeing via health fairs, biometric screenings, and a health-related portal
  • Promoting both client and employee relationships
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  • Operating according to a code of values and good government, including diverse leadership
  • Regulated by the FFIEC and conducts up to six internal audits annually
  • Responsible, transparent, and compliant financial reporting
  • Highest levels of data management, protection, security, and privacy
  • Completed company-wide review and updates to job families, levels and descriptions
  • Formal 3- to 5-year strategic planning process
  • Completed first leadership development program for 18 AFS future leaders
  • Annual Town Hall meetings
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