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AFSVision delivers benefits

AFSVision's features are where you gain a competitive advantage.

AFSVision combines the best technology available with a web-based entry and workflow process to streamline your commercial lending. The capabilities of AFSVision gives you the state-of-the art tools you need to gain a competitive advantage, all from the very first step in the lending process. By staying focused on performance, scalability, and reliability, our built-in features deliver the following benefits:

  • Growth across all portfolios
  • Increased revenue with new products and lines of business
  • Decreased costs with automation and system consolidation
  • Reduced risk through better controls
  • Accountability by building your policies into the processes
  • Improved compliance by enforcing consistency
  • End-to-end data quality and integrity

And with AFS, you gain a partner with a singular focus on commercial lending. Our strategic clarity, continuous innovation, and unsurpassed experience enables us to provide our clients with the modern solutions they need to succeed.

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features that make a difference

Modernize and streamline your business.

The clarity and control that you can only get with AFSVision modernizes your commercial lending business by providing state-of-the-art features for every stage of lending.

Integrated, automated, processing for all loan servicing activities.

AFSVision facilitates integration to other systems, giving your customers access to account information, transactions, and milestones related to credit requests at any point in the lending process.

Automation of manual servicing processes improves the customer experience, reduces your servicing costs, boosts productivity, and improves data quality, all while getting your lenders back to their core business function – generating quality loans. 

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Seamless, automated credit and lending management.

Incorporate your policies into our workflows to enable seamless, end-to-end management of the entire lending lifecycle.

Once configured, workflow rules control the process, guiding when work moves from stage to stage in the lending process, with the built-in flexibility to respond to shifting priorities, changing timelines, and market demands.

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Integrated, end-to-end commercial lending management begins here.

Whether using AFSVision’s built-in Origination capabilities or our Post-Approval Workflow to import data from another origination system, you can easily capture and enter all data once to reduce your approval cycle, ensure data quality, and improve efficiency. 

AFSVision enables streamlined, automated loan management to efficiently capture and move forward all relevant data through the lending process and offer best-in-class loan servicing capabilities.  

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Get control with our accounting engine.

AFSVision provides real-time sub-ledger processing for any portfolio level with the ability to service loans with multiple balances in multiple currencies and languages.

Ready for the challenges of today’s global commercial lending market, AFSVision enables:

  • Multibalance accounting, eliminating the need for shadow loans
  • Multiple pricing options on a single loan record
  • Stringent regulatory modeling 
  • Fixed, variable, floating, and SOFR-based interest
  • Performance-based pricing grids
  • Cost of funds and fixed costs for profitability
  • Real-time alerts 
  • Nonaccrual, charge-off, and recovery processing
  • Mark-to-market accounting per loan

How much are your exceptions costing you?

Automate and control the tracking and reporting of exceptions throughout the lending process.

AFSVision lets you manage exceptions in an automated and organized manner, bringing unparalleled abilities to monitor risk, track documentation, make better credit decisions, and manage covenants and collateral.


Mission-critical reporting you can trust.

AFSVision’s integrated lending platform provides the advantage of a single source of comprehensive transaction-level data across all lending lines of business (consumer, commercial, specialized assets, and capital markets). 

With AFSVision’s built-in reporting tools, you can leverage the value of this integrated database as the single source of the truth for consolidated reporting and easily access the information necessary to reduce credit and operational risk.

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Real-time pipeline visibility for better workload management.

Visibility into your commercial lending pipeline for new loans, advances, payoffs, or even research requests isn’t easy information to come by, and might mean missed SLAs that impact your customers, limit your operational efficiency, and impede growth.  

With AFSVision Dashboards, you can better manage workloads and know your pipeline in real-time. Through our user-friendly interface, you can easily configure your dashboards to show individual and team workloads, length of assignment, work aging, work concentrations. And if work reassignments are needed, these can be done right from the dashboard at the “click of a button.”

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Don't wait to gain the advantage.

AFSVision provides you with the state-of-the art tools you need to gain a competitive advantage. Our strategic clarity, continuous innovation, and unsurpassed experience enables us to provide our clients with the modern solutions they need to succeed.

Learn more about how AFS and AFSVision can help you modernize your commercial lending business. 

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