Full Support for Complex Deals

AFSVision Syndications

Efficient, Automated Processing

Digital Processing and Workflows for Complex Deals

With AFSVision Syndications, deals are efficiently and automatically supported through the full syndication lifecycle, so that you can lead, structure, arrange, distribute, and administer your syndications business and provide the customer experience your clients expect.

Jump start your growth in syndications.

Whether you’re just entering the syndications market or looking to push your business to the next level, AFSVision’s automated, market oriented, and robust tool set is designed to grow with you.

Easily support your deal structures with:

  • Fully automated, real-time propagation of all deal and transaction details to all lenders/investors and borrowers
  • Dashboards, workflows, notices, and alerts based on your policies
  • Unlimited fees, accruals, and payment schedules
  • Complex credit structures with unlimited sublimits, including multi-rate deal structures
  • Real-time, on-demand creation and delivery of industry-standard notices
  • On-demand holders of record reporting, including fund managers, related funds, and beneficial owners
  • 24/7 availability, transaction processing, and access to all deal information
  • Proven real-time integrations with Wire, DDA/ACH, and more
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What Our Clients Say About AFSVision Syndications

  • “With AFSVision’s fully automated lifecycle processing — propagation, notices, etc., along with workflows — we have seen a major uplift in our syndications book growth.”

  • “We are very excited about AFSVision Syndications’ capabilities!”

  • "All we can say about AFSVision Syndications' capabilities is 'wow'!"

Stay on top of your deals with the AFSVision Trader Workstation.

An integrated part of AFSVision Syndications, the Trader Workstation provides a consolidated view of your trades for efficient management, providing one place for information on:

  • Trade Blotter
  • Trade Capture
  • Fund Manager Allocations
  • Position Tracking
  • Paydowns
  • Fees
  • Settlement

AFSVision Syndications clients see real-world benefits.

AFSVision’s holistic approach to syndicated loan management have provided clients with marked improvement in:

  • Syndications capacity with automated propagation and real-time processing
  • The lender/investor experience with expanded business functionality
  • Data quality and reconcilement with lenders/investors and borrowers
  • Participations processing and support capability
  • Bolstering profitability while reducing risk
  • Adhering to regulatory compliance mandates
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An overview at a glance

AFSVision Syndications is designed to help financial institutions manage their syndication activities more efficiently and effectively while also focusing on providing a superior customer experience to their clients. 

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