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The Modern Digital Solution for Commercial Lending

We transform commercial lending with AFSVision, the fully integrated, digital solution that will enable your omnichannel strategy and modernize how you manage your portfolios—from origination through servicing and beyond.
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The agile solution for the 2020s and beyond.

Years ahead of our competitors, our flagship solution, AFSVision, provides the only commercial lending system that is designed to be at the center of your customer’s digital experience, supporting your end-to-end, omnichannel strategy with real-time access and built-in APIs.

AFSVision’s real-time, fully mobile and digital commercial lending platform improves your speed of response to:

  • Client requests
  • Credit approval decisions
  • Risks and exposures
  • Market fluctuations
  • Industry trends
  • Regulatory demands

Commercial Lending

Modernize your commercial lending management.

AFSVision modernizes commercial lending management with its unique real-time, API-enabled, automated processing design that offers a truly integrated approach encompassing all lines of business, from simple Small Business loans to complex Syndications.

Commercial Real Estate Lending

The tools you need for CRE lending.

AFSVision has the tools necessary to manage the intense data requirements of CRE lending. Our digitally enabled, straight-through credit processing captures all the information required to gain the clarity and transparency you need.

Small business

Streamline your process without sacrificing flexibility.

AFSVision's built-in automation of time-consuming administration tasks frees you up to work closer with clients and reach your business objectives while increasing revenue.

Capital Markets

Gain control, minimize risk.

With AFSVision’s fully automated digital management capabilities, you get the operational controls and efficiencies to minimize risk so you can focus on growing your syndications portfolio without having to increase your resources.

Wealth Management

Sophisticated credit and lending management.

With a sophisticated set of credit and lending management tools, AFSVision streamlines and enhances wealth management lending, offering the high-level of service you, and your high-net worth clients, expect.

  • “AFS is an industry leader in providing commercial lending system solutions. The AFSVision platform will help Huntington continue to innovate to best serve our customers with the flexibility to meet changing customer needs now and in the future. We appreciate AFS’ partnership and commitment to excellence in serving our customers.”

    John Largent
    Executive Vice President and Commercial Operations Director Huntington
  • “AFS has a singular focus on commercial lending and a proven track record of delivering on time and on budget. We look forward to AFS providing us with the agility we need to efficiently enhance client servicing and experience”

  • "AFS was not just a vendor and trusted advisor but a true value-added partner. AFS did what they said they would, and at the cost they said they would. At no point did anyone on the project lose sleep over AFS."

    Joel Hill
    Past Head of Commercial Credit Operations Truist

supporting your strategy

Why AFS?

Our singular focus on commercial lending brings strategic clarity, continuous innovation, and unsurpassed experience in offering clients the modern solutions they need to compete.

  • api


    AFSVision includes an extensive set of existing, rich RESTful APIs and DIY APIs to integrate with internal and external systems, creating a seamless end-to-end experience.

  • Workflow


    AFSVision’s powerful, imbedded workflows guide work throughout the loan lifecycle, with flexibility to respond to your shifting priorities, changing timelines, and market demands.

  • Real Time

    True Real-Time 24/7

    A true real-time, on demand, digitally enabled solution, AFSVision provides up-to-the-second, accurate portfolio data to enable better decisioning and exceptional customer service.

  • Control


    AFSVision has imbedded reporting tools to help quickly and easily get a precise overview with drill-down capabilities on your entire commercial lending portfolio.

  • Cloud

    Cloud Native

    AFSVision’s cloud native, cloud agnostic design provides the robust capabilities is containerized, scalable, and secure by design—on the public cloud or the AFSVision Hosted Private Cloud.

  • Scalability


    You can’t outgrow AFSVision. Designed to scale horizontally and vertically, AFSVision provides the access and processing capabilities you need.

  • Product

    Standard Product

    AFSVision is designed to be a standard, maintainable, and configurable solution, reducing overhead, complexity, and barriers to growth and technology evolution.

  • Proven


    A reliable and innovative partner for 50+ years, AFS has a proven track record of delivering on commitments—on time and on budget.

innovative features

There’s always something new to discover with AFSVision!

Take a look at these innovative features, and see how AFSVision is constantly evolving to support your financial institution.

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