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Automated Financial Systems, Inc. (AFS) is the industry leader in lending and risk management solutions for financial institutions. AFS provides the industry’s only fully integrated commercial lending system designed to process multiple types of loans on a single, real-time, multibank, multilingual, multicurrency system. Integral to the core AFS lending solution is its unique straight-through processing capability encompassing the lending process from Origination through Servicing.

We have been in business since 1970, a track record that none of our competitors can match. Each day, every day, AFS deploys its knowledge and technology resources to solve bank problems, defined as broadly as need be.

AFS has employees in the U.S. and abroad, each with a wealth of technical and banking best practices, resulting from deep experience in the field and 1:1 contact throughout the industry.

The AFS straight-through process (STP) for credit manufacturing:

  • Processes the widest array of loan types (consumer, commercial, specialized assets, and investment banking) on a single, real-time, multibank, multilingual, multicurrency system
  • Encompasses the lending process from loan request through payoff or asset sale, including the delivery of management information, all on one system
  • Represents the foundation for AFS innovation across the market, providing valuable feature-rich solutions, business analytics, and best-practices to domestic and global banks on a regular, ongoing basis
  • Ensures a unique ability to administer credit from a position of control, responsiveness, efficiency, and transparency, enabling you to serve your customers using a solution that stands alone in its ability to mitigate risk, generate revenue, improve data quality, and cut costs

The level of expertise AFS provides cannot be accessed anywhere else. Let us show you why.

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