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Committed to providing excellent benefits

Our goal is to attract and retain the best in the business.

AFS is committed to providing a full range of health, educational, developmental, retirement, and other benefits to make your life as one of our team members easier, healthier, and more secure.

Health Benefits

In its array of benefits, AFS offers:

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Prescription 
AFS offers medical and prescription coverage to all full-time employees and their eligible dependents. Your specific eligibility for these programs may vary, and AFS Human Resources can clarify questions for you. This coverage is provided through Independence Administrators. The plan options under this benefit program include plans similar to an HMO and PPO. You can access the network of providers included within these plans by visiting www.ibxtpabenefits.com.

Dental coverage is provided through MetLife with vision coverage provided through Vision Services Plan (VSP). You may access their network of providers by visiting at MetLife www.metlife.com/dental or VSP at www.vsp.com.

Plan features include: 
  • Services can be obtained from a network provider for medical coverage, or employees can use the services of physicians outside the plan network.
  • A creditable prescription drug coverage plan with copayments is available. The plan also offers a mail order program to purchase your prescription drugs with a lower copayment.
  • Dental coverage includes 100% coverage of semi-annual check-ups when an in-network provider is used. All other approved dental procedures are up to 80% reimbursed, with an annual minimum deductible of $25, depending on the type  of coverage and whether the service is provided in or out of network.
  • Vision care benefits include reimbursement for annual eye examinations and corrective lenses, including contacts. Reimbursement for eyeglass frames can occur as frequently as every 24 months.

AFS has taken the necessary steps to ensure that it is in compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

AFS 401(k) Profit Sharing Plan 
The AFS 401(k) Profit Sharing Plan enables AFS employees to invest for retirement on a pretax basis. Employees may invest up to 35% of their salaries in a variety of investment options sponsored by the Company. 

Employees are 100% vested in the amount of salary they choose to defer, and full vestment in any AFS contribution is gradually attained over a six-year period. Other benefits of the plan include self-directed stock options, Roth 401(k), and the option to borrow against plan savings. AFS may match all or a portion of your pre-tax and Roth 401(k) contributions to the Plan. Because these contributions are discretionary, they may vary from year to year.

The plan is currently administered by Fidelity Investments. Participants have access to their individual account via a toll-free number or the Internet. 

Paid Time Off 
All full-time staff members are eligible for Paid Time Off (PTO) that provides a bank of hours in which employees will pool vacation, personal and sick days as needed. The minimum PTO a staff member can accrue is 15 days per calendar year. Additional PTO benefits are provided based on length of service and other criteria. 

AFS provides 9 paid holidays each year. 

Educational Reimbursement
AFS provides educational assistance to all eligible employees. Reimbursement for approved courses is based on the submission of a passing grade. AFS also continually expands its in-house training programs to further enhance employee technical and professional skills. 

Job Posting 
AFS continually looks for opportunities to promote from within and will attempt to fill all available positions from the pool of current employees. All positions are posted by the Human Resources Department. 

Staff Referral Bonuses 
Referral bonuses will be paid to employees who recommend candidates who are subsequently hired by AFS.

Family Leave
AFS provides eligible staff members to take up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave to care for newborn or adopted children. This time may also be used to care for family members suffering from serious medical conditions. 

Military Leave 
A  two-week leave per calendar year for Reserve Duty is granted to any employee who is called to serve. 

Bereavement Leave 
A reasonable number of days with pay are granted to an employee if there is a death in their immediate family. A leave of one day with pay may be taken for other blood relatives. 

Life, Accidental Death, and Dismemberment Insurance 
Life insurance is provided to all full-time employees at a rate of two times an employee’s base salary. The maximum benefit is $250,000. Accidental death and dismemberment insurance is provided by AFS at a rate of one time an employee’s base salary, with a maximum benefit of $50,000. AFS also provides travel and accident insurance for employees traveling on company business.

Short‐Term and Long‐Term Disability 
After eight consecutive days of absence from work due to illness or injury, an employee may be eligible for short-term disability benefits. Short-term disability benefits are provided at a rate of 60% of the employee’s base salary, with a maximum weekly benefit specified by Human Resources. Short-term disability may continue for a period of up to 90 days.

Long-term disability is a source of additional benefits for employees after a waiting period of 90 days. Long-term disability benefits are provided at a rate of 60% of the employee's base salary, with a maximum monthly benefit specified by Human Resources. 

In compliance with federal and state laws, Workers’ Compensation benefits are provided to AFS employees. 

Flexible Spending Accounts 

Flexible Spending Accounts enable employees to contribute to Medical Reimbursement Accounts or Dependent Care Reimbursement Accounts, also known as Flexible Spending Accounts. Eligibility begins with employment, or if not elected at the time of employment, the entry date for flexible spending account benefits is June 1.

Clear, Ongoing Communications

Knowing that organizations best move forward when they have a clear and consistent message about where they’re going and how they get there, AFS has an internal company website to provide ongoing communication. Continuously updated throughout the business day, this site enables team members to hear firsthand what our senior executives are thinking and strategizing, what is going on in the market in general, information on client initiatives, insights into what some of us do in our off-hours, and coverage of AFS social and charitable initiatives.

Wellness Initiatives
AFS is interested in you in total and is committed to providing for your overall health and well-being. AFS runs a number of wellness initiatives throughout the year, providing opportunities for exercise, weight management, and dietary counseling. In addition, AFS partners with outside sources (IBX, for example) to support initiatives related to smoking cessation and diabetes management. Also, AFS is a smoke-free environment.

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