Banking tech works best in a culture of innovation

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An excerpt of the Accenture Blog posted on October 5, 2022, by Jared Rorrer, Managing Director –Global Commercial Banking Lead, Accenture

There have been impressive technological advances in banking systems in recent years. But banks can’t just purchase new software and expect it to magically improve their business—the product is only the beginning. Careful implementation and a culture of innovation and true transformation are needed to make the most of any investment in replaced or upgraded systems. 
In this two-part series, I’m joined by Rick Bare, CEO and President of AFS, a provider of integrated banking solutions and platforms. In our first post, Rick and I discussed the implementation of new banking technology and how to manage the risks involved in any major technology change. This second post looks closely at the culture that should surround and support the implementation of a new system to ensure that the bank’s culture allows it to maximize the value of the new technology. 

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